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The hesitation to enter Drug Treatment Centers can be traced to focusing on giving up drugs rather than the gains of sobriety. People in addiction tend to forget the peace and ease of a life that does not include drugs. Drug Treatment Centers Concord NC help to restore that memory and a drug free lifestyle as well. Ongoing scientific breakthroughs offer addiction treatment options that were unheard of a few decades ago. Drug Treatment Centers Concord NC stay on the cutting edge of these developments in order to provide the highest quality and most innovative treatment available.

Heroin addiction is a deadly substance that is posing a serious threat to Concord residents today. Research backed by the National Institute on Drug Addiction (NIDA) indicate that repeated heroin use changes the physical structure and physiology of the individual’s brain. Left untreated, heroin can cause irreversible neuronal and hormonal imbalances.Drug Treatment Centers Concord NC provide services to individuals trapped in heroin abuse and other forms of addiction.

According to the NIDA nearly half of all young adults surveyed in three different studies who injected heroin said they abused prescription opioids before starting to use heroin. Some individuals reported switching to heroin because it is cheaper and easier to obtain than prescription pills.

Unfortunately, heroin is a progressive, debilitating disease with a poor survival prognosis. As such, getting into treatment in a timely manner can save years of pain and suffering and for many, an untimely death which is a reality of this addiction. Focusing on the benefits of sobriety rather than the misery of addiction may help to motivate substance abusers to get the help they need.

Benefits of Detox

Getting safely through detoxification and drug withdrawals stops the process of mental and physical deterioration caused by habitual drinking and drug use. If drugs and alcohol are not consumed it immediately eliminates the threat of a drug overdose. Getting clean also replaces the brain fog of addiction for mental clarity.

The shame or stigma of addiction also goes away when sobriety is achieved and sustained. Another wonderful benefit of halting drug use is that within a few weeks after drug detox, most individuals can experience renewed energy, better sleep patterns and improved nutrition.

Advantages of the Rehabilitation Process

The rehabilitation process is a significant benefit drug treatment centers provide over do-it-yourself recovery efforts. At Drug Treatment Centers Concord NC, our board certified doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and counselors have years of experience and specialized addiction intervention training. These professionals team up to customize comprehensive treatment programs that address the specific needs of each patient.

During the various stages of recovery some patients also gain keen insight about themselves, and the circumstances and genetics behind their addiction. For the first time, many receive treatment for a mental disorder or unresolved traumatic event that have been negatively impacting their happiness for years.

Experiential programs like Equine Therapy is popular among patients because it resolve psychological issues that cause isolation behavior and poor communication skills. This addiction treatment has been most advantageous for patients who use drugs to overcome feelings of insecurity, guilt, poor self-image and self-worth.

The ultimate goal of our rehabilitation process is to…

  • Establish new behavior patterns that negate the need for drugs.
  • Develop effective coping mechanisms that help individuals to deal with the inevitable stressors of daily life.
  • Target unresolved issues such as grief, depression and anger and alleviate the need to self-medicate away the misery caused by these conditions.
  • Provide relapse prevention education and training that significantly decrease or eliminate the dangerous cycles of addiction.
  • Help patients to identify new goals for the future.
  • Assist with the development of an aftercare program so that recovering addicts can enjoy long term sobriety.

Treatment for drug addiction is a positive solution to a life-threatening condition. If you or a loved one is in need of help to overcome addiction call Drug Treatment Centers Concord NC today at (704) 490-4263 to explore the options available to you.

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